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We can help you with garage door springs repairs or installations any time that you need help.
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Houstons Garage Door has received a lot of praises from customers that it has helped over the years. Our customers love us for our honesty and for our reliability. We tell our customers the truth as far as garage door repairs are concerned and don't try to sell them services that they don't need.

For instance, if a garage door has several broken brackets, we only offer to replace the brackets and not the whole door. We would rather save the customer money than make money of a service item that is not needed. If you need the services of a reliable service provider, call us any time. If you have an emergency, our 24 hour service crew can come quickly to help you.

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If your garage door off track, we can come and align it for you. There are two different tracks that a garage door uses: Vertical and horizontal.  A vertical track may be attached with angle brackets to a doorjamb. This is known as a bracket-mounted track.

The horizontal track supports and guides the door and runs parallel to the garage ceiling and as it achieves its fully-open position. Our technicians can help you identify why your door is off track and fix it for you. We can help you repair garage door tracks so that the door can roll smoothly along both the vertical and horizontal. We have a lot of experience repairing garage doors and can use this knowledge to help you at any time. When you have these types of problems you should not try to solve them of your own.

Tracks Garage Door
We have an affordable service that most customers find to be cost-effective. We pay particular attention to what the problem is and only take care of what our customers need and not try to offer them what they don't need. Our goal is to serve our customers in such a way that we save them time and money. We can help in Adjusting Garage Door Track any time when your door goes off track.

A garage door that is off track looks bad, but it is also dangerous and quite unstable. You are advised that if your door is off track not to try to move it manually or to use the automatic opener. You should consider calling a qualified professional to adjust it for you. 

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